Place Blaževci is located in Gorski kotar county, approximatelly 6 km north-west from Lukovdol on the teritory of Vrbovsko city on 190 meters altitude.
River Kupa is an international border with country of Slovenia and from the other side of Blaževci is the hill Radočaj. There is a small-border crossing to Slovenia which is the reason local population is through business or family relations connected to ou neighbours in Slovenia. Nearby are the Eagles rock, protected landscape Kamačnik, Green Whirlpool and Devil’s passage and in proximity parks Plitvice Lakes and Risnjak and spring of river Kupa.


Blaževci village has a population of 38, with nearby villages Štefanci, Zapeći and Plemenitaš has a population of 105.
There used to be a population of more then 200 people in the past.


There is a chappel of Sv. Ivan (St. John) in Blaževci and in the nearby Plemenitaš village there is a church of Sv. Antun (St. Anthony) built in 1753. In nearby village Zapeć you can find a state post do monitoring rive Kupa’s water level.


Sawmill in Blaževci employs 15 people and other population is involved in tourism and home made production of food and drinks such as wine and brandy.
In the summertime a lot of tourists, hikers, swimmers and fishermen visit Blaževci. A couple houses are used as vacation houses and cottages for tourists.

Waterfall on Kupa river near house Luka