Take the highway from Zagreb to Rijeka and take the „Bosiljevo I „ exit, take a left turn on the local road in direction of Rijeka and look for „Lukovdol „ sign, turn right to Lukovdol, when you reach Lukovdol take a left turn for „Blaževci“.  Turn left, after 100m to the right and drive another 300m and on the right you see a holiday home Blaževci-Luka next to the river Kupa.

Location: Our vacation house is located in village Blaževci close to the birthplace of famous Croatian writer Ivan Goran Kovačić in Lukovdol. – Blaževci 26c
GPS: 45.486796,   15.070155

  • Nearest commerce – 8 km in Lukovdol (Croatia)
  • 4 km in Stari trg ob Kolpi (Slovenia)
  • Ambulance, gas station, bank – 17 km in Vrbovsko (Croatia)